The Top 12 Female DJs in the world - GlobalDJsGuide (2022)

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You might think thatelectronic dance music is dominated by men.But you will be surprised by what women have offered in the scene. That’s why we were excited about a list of the best female DJs in the world today.

If you believe that women are new to the field of electronic dance music and they lack skills and talent, then you are wrong. There is no chance you will see any big festival or club in the world that will not feature a couple of female artists.

Being a female DJ in a scene, which is mostly dominated by men, has its challenges. However, there are a few female artists that have gained the popularity they deserve.

The web is filled with lists of theTop EDM DJs, butthere is no way to rank “the best” DJ in the world. There are many things to consider, but the personal preference on style and genre are the reasons for a list impossible to satisfy everyone.

We picked the best female DJs is based on popularity, DJ/mixing skills, awards, influence and other music relative occupations such as radio shows, record labels, and music production.


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The techno diva from Ukraine, DJ Nastia has many reasons to feel proud. A young mother with a long-term relationship with music and DJing is a role model for every woman who wants to enter the scene.

Her career started in 2005 and since now, she has performed almost everywhere. Europe, Japan, North Africa, South America, Russia, and the most popular clubs and festivals are on her agenda every year. If you want to be like Nastia, check out how to become a DJ.

DJ Nastia has a vibe and energy that is immediately transferred in every corner of the dancefloor. She is an artist, performer, DJ. If you are everywhere near one of her events, attend!!!

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Resident Advisor

Anja Schneider

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Germany has become the capital of techno in Europe. With clubs, schools, and an amicable environment for techno DJs. Here is where everything starts for Anja.

The title for the best techno DJ belongs to many female artists. Anja Schneider is definitely one of them. Deep house and progressive sounds are also often in her DJ sets.

She became known to us by herbroadcasting onthe radio station KissFm and later on Fritz Radio. When she started DJing and mixing, she developed adeep vibe and minimal-Techno soundthat quicklycreated ahugefan club.The German artist is also the founder of Mobilee Records. A very successful record label that has sign dozens of musicians such as Maya Jane Coles, Pan-Pot,Rodriguez Jr.,Audiofly, and Kevin Yost.

(Video) Global Citizen Festival 2022: Metallica, Mariah Carey, Usher, and More

With performancesin big clubs such as Pacha Ibiza, and the epic ADE music festival in the Netherlands.Anja Schneider is aninternational DJand music producer with dozens of quality productions and exceptional music taste.If you are ever around at one of her events, youhaveto enter.

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Known for her curly hair and her powerful temperament, tINIgotinvolvewith rhythms and beats from the very youngage of 7.

The German DJ and producer started with underground hip-hopDJing. As her techniques and influence grew, so did herinterest inelectronic dance music. Herastonishedvinyl-only sets prove her DJing skills and herreal and deep lovefor music.

TINIis an integral part of Desolatsince she got under the radar of Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich. BPM, Ultra Music, and Exit festival are only a few ofthe many stages she has performed.The future is big in front of her,but I stillwouldn’t miss thechance to attend any of herparties.


Ellen Allien

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The multi-talented DJ and producer from Germany have a discography of a veteran. Eight full-length albums and many remixes on her labels and dozens more.

Ellen Allien is the founder ofBPitch Control and manages it since1999. A label with releases by artistssuch asPaul Kalkbrenner, Maceo Plex, and Hot Since 82.

Once you listen to her sets, you will understand why the name “Allien”. A blend of techno and experimental electronica makes her live performances uniquein every event.

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Nicole Moudaber

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Her name is linked to Drumcodeand Techno. Many give her the title of the Techno Queen. However, most women DJs on our list could be stuck with thischaracterization.

After Carl Cox “tagged” theNigerian-bornartist as “the most underrated DJ”, her career start to rise. With appearances in the biggest clubs of the world and her dark vibe sets have placed her in the most Top DJ charts.

Nicole Moudaber has become a resident of the top Techno festivals such as BPM and Awakenings. Check out how to get yourself a gig in festivals like these. Herweekly radio show fromApril 2014 has a big success.Mood Recordsisthe record label she foundin 2013 and her collaboration with artists such as Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, and Coyu makes her a multi-dimensional artist.

(Video) Ninja Kidz Movie | Season 1 Remastered

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Monika Kruse

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The closest female DJ friend of Carl Cox, Monika Kruse, is an international techno DJ and producer. She probably has the most live appearances and performances than any other DJ on ourlist.

Germany’s “first lady” of Techno music has performed inlegendary events and festivals such asBurning Man and ADE. As a resident at Berghain Berlin, she is probably the best female DJ to introduce you to realTechno sounds.

Monika Kruse runs the labels Electric Avenue and Terminal M but has also been released by Toolroom, Natura Viva, and many more. As well, collaborations with the top DJs in the world and hundreds of pure Techno productions to add in her biography. Take a look at some of the best clubs to visit in Europewhere you may find her.

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If you also want to be a DJ and don’t know how to start, checkhow to become a DJ today.


The Polish native DJ and producer made her first music steps in Detroit, featuringin theunderground techno scene.

After she enteredMinusand began touring the world asRichie Hawtin‘swarm-up set DJ,her sound began to develop. Her touring calendar is full most of the time, and if not, then she is focused on music production and her own label “Item’s & Things”. Her discography is including releases on labels such as Defected In The House and Hot Creations.

Magdais more of an artist than a DJ, as she is involved in multiple art forms. She has even taken herLive Dj set at aHot-air Balloon, 2000 meters above Zürich in 2016.


Annie Mac

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The British DJ is well known all over the world for her weeklyBBC Radio 1 showsince 2004. It’s true that over a million listeners tune in to listen to her two-hour show.

With appearances at the biggest festivals in the world such as Creamfields and South West Four, Anniehas probably one of the largest fan clubs.

Annie Mac hasn’t shown much interest in music production, but that doesn’t make her any less of aDJ. With DJ experience sincethe age of 17 and being influenced by artists such as Laurent Garnier,Andy Weatherall, and Green Velvet has made her sound a real novelty.

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The girls from Montreal might be relatively new in the scene (almost a decade), but their fun club increases rapidly.

Anastasia and Vivie-Ann, moved from LondontoSpain, to be even more close to the music scene of Spain and Ibiza. Pete Tong and Depeche Mode are some ofthe big names that have asked the duo to make official remixes.

Blond: ish has released great music productionswith progressive, tech-house, and melodic sounds. Their tracks have been released on many deep house and techno labels such as Get Physical Music and Kompakt.



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Many learnedof Cassy from herresidency at Berghain Panorama Bar.Born in England, lived in Austria, and later ended up inBerlin in 2003 when was a career boostfor her.

After her first steps in Germany as a House and Minimal Dj, she then sat in a studio with DJs and producerssuch asRicardo Villalobos,Luciano, andSteve Bug.

You might not see her at the best and most crowded festivals in the world, however, Cassy will be seen DJing in many clubs all around the world.


Peggy Gou

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The techno girl from South Korea is a DJ and music producer like no other. Her quick success started in London, she is now living in Germany, but she is still DJing all over the world.

She goes nowhere without her favorite Ableton Liveand many music producers are trying to “copy” her music style. In 2019, she also launched her own independent record label, Gudu Records.

You will find her in the biggest dance music clubs and festivals including Tomorrowland and Creamfields.

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The Top 12 Female DJs in the world - GlobalDJsGuide (12)
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The Australian DJ duo of twin sisters Olivia and Miriam Nervostarted their careers in music as songwriting partners and in 2008 they signed with theSwedish music publishing company Razor Boy Music Publishing, which led to co-writing the Grammy Award-winning single, “When Love Takes Over”, performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland.

Except for traveling and DJing at Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Ultra music festival, Ushuaia, etc., the EDM DJ duo has worked with a respected amount of record labels such as Ultra, Virgin, Spinnin, Armada, and more.

Nervo has also been listed on the top 100 DJs in the world for the last 8 consecutive years according to DJmag.

Here is a list of more famous EDM female DJs:

  • Deborah de Luca
  • Amelie lens
  • Eli & Fur
  • Charlotte De Witte
  • Ida Engberg
  • Juicy M
  • Nora En Pure
  • Miss Monique
  • Hannah Wants
  • Amonita
  • Nina Kraviz

Many young girl DJs would most likely want to follow a career like the ladies above. Being the highest-paid female DJ like Paris Hilton, shouldn’t be your main target. To become a real DJ you will need the tools, so here isthe best DJ setup used by famous DJs out there. Don’t forget good mixing skills with the Camelot wheel.

Check out also this post at because the electronic music scene is in desperate need of a feminist revolution.

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Who is No 1 female DJ in the world? ›

Here are the top female DJs right now: Nervo. Charlotte de Witte. Peggy Gou.

Who is the best female DJ in Nigeria? ›

Here are a few of the most sought-after female DJs in Nigeria as reported by Morakinyo Olugbiji.
  1. DJ Cuppy. ...
  2. DJ Bellcheque. ...
  3. DJ Rosie. ...
  4. DJ Lambo. ...
  5. DJ Frizzie. ...
  6. DJ Soupamodel. ...
  7. DJ Switch. ...
  8. DJ Mystelle.

Who is the youngest female DJ? ›

DJ Trishina is a young, multi-genre DJ and fusion music producer based in Mumbai. She was exposed to many different genres by her father from a very young age.

How many female DJs are there? ›

Roughly around 10 percent of DJs are female, and they are confronted with a range of personal and social obstacles in acquiring relevant know-how in essential social networks to build a successful DJ career.

Who are the best DJs in the world? ›

Top 5 DJs – Voted publicly
2018Martin GarrixHardwell
2019Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeDavid Guetta
2020David GuettaMartin Garrix
2021David GuettaArmin van Buuren
22 more rows


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