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Our menu is written daily from a selection of snacks, charcuterie and larder, starters, mains, cheese and puddings.

A lovely selection of best in show, dietary restrictions are happily catered for.

Awarded ‘Newcomer of the Year ’23’ in Top50Gastropubs & Buckinghamshire Pub of the Year ’23’

Please make us aware of any allergies and ask for further details of dishes that contain allergens.
(v) Vegetarian *Contains traces of nuts.

This menu is subject to a discretionary 12.5% service charge. All prices include VAT.

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L A R D E R & B A R S N A C K
Oarsman’s Beer Nuts £4.75 (v)
Rosemary Focaccia £4.5 (v)
Chargrilled Sourdough £3.5 (v
Harissa & Garlic Olives £4.75 (v)
Confit Pork Rillettes £6.5
Salted Fried Capers £3.5 (v)
Cantabrian Anchovies £8
Crispy Fried Jersey Oysters, Shallot & Chive £9
Speck £6
Salame Nostrano £5
Bresaola £6
Mortadella £5

Classic Fish Soup, Rouille, Croutons £11
Steak Tartare, Smoked Egg Yolk, Crouton £11
Marinated Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil £9 (v)
Local Asparagus, Black Pepper Mayo, Mushroom Ketchup £9.5 (v)
Trotters & Bacon, Beef Dripping on Toast £11
Chicken Liver Parfait, Preserved Black Cherry, Brioche £10.5
Whisky Cured Trout, Crème Fraîche, Blinis £10.5

Lyonnaise Onion & Goat’s Cheese Tarte Fine £19 (v)
Hispi Cabbage, Black Garlic, Kimchi £19 (v)
Fillet of Cod, White Bean Mash & Romesco Sauce £28*
BBQ Pork Chop, Warm Bean Cassoulet, Chorizo £24.5
Venison Faggots, Celeriac, Pickled Pear, Crisp Cabbage £22.5
32-Day Aged Short-Horn Sirloin, Sauce au Poivre £32.5

Caesar Salad £5.5
Tenderstem Broccoli, Chilli & Dukkah £5.5 (v)*
Crispy Potatoes, Garlic Aioli & ‘Nduja £5.5

Cheese Board £18.5
Keen’s Cheddar £5.5
Stilton £5.5
Tunworth £5.5

Ecclefechan Tart, Bonnet £9.5*
Strawberry Pavlova £9.5
White Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Ice Cream, Hazelnut £8.5*
Selection or Ice Creams £1.50 per scoop

Sunday menu

Unfortunately we are closed on Sunday 21st of May due to Pub in Park event.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Oarsman drinks list

Drink to me only with thine eyes,And I will pledge with mine;Or leave a kiss but in the cup,And I’ll not look for wine.The thirst that from the soul doth riseDoth ask a drink divine;But might I of Jove’s nectar sup,I would not change for thine.—Ben Johnson


The first mention of the Cocktail was in The Balance an American periodical of May 13, 1806 however we love the story of King Axoloti VIII of Mexico and an American General – to long to note here, but it is available to read in the Savoy Cocktail Book at the bar.


MARLOW 75 Marlow Gin, Lemon juice, Harrow and Hope £14
CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL Gallimard, Cognac Couprie ‘VSOP’, Brown Sugar, Angostura Bitters £14
FRAMBOISE ROYALE Crème de Framboise , Gallimard Champagne £14
ELDEFLOWER FIZZ St-Germain, Frassinelli Prosecco £14

The classics

NEGRONI Beefeater Gin, Campari, Martini Rosso, Orange Bitters £13
OLD FASHIONED Woodford Reserve, Angostura Bitters, Sugar £15
MARGARITA La Chica Tequila, Cointreau, Lime Juice £13
MARTINEZ Beefeater, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Orange Bitters £13


Your choice from our Gin & Vodka selection


ESPRESSO MARTINI Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Tia Maria, Espresso, Vanilla Sugar £14


“TILLY’S” TEA House Vodka, La Chica Tequila, Bacardi, Aluna, Cointreau £14
DARK AND STORMY Gosling Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice £13
EL DIABLO La Chica Tequila, Crème de Cassis, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer £13

something little different

PEAR SHRUB COLLINS Pear Shrub, Tanqueray No.10, Lemon Juice, Sugar £14
“THE OARSMAN” MOJITO Mint infused Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar £13
“THE OARSMAN” BLOODY MARY Mermaid Salt Vodka, Manzanilla, Tomato Juice, Spices £13

gins 25ml

“The Best thing about an Englishman is the second Gin & Tonic” Mae West


BEEFEATER 40% – London – Iconic British Gin with now produced by Pernod Ricard – fresh, clean with a citrus fruit edge. £4.50

ROCK ROSE 41.5% – Scotland – Fresh, Zesty yet Berryful with a long smooth finish. £6.50

MARLOW GIN 43% – Marlow – Local gin with citrus notes. £5.80

TANQUERAY NO.10 47.3% – Edinburgh – Utterly unique array of aromas and flavours – bar favourite. £6.00


MANLY SPIRITS GIN 43% – Sydney – With back notes of liquorice and sherbet this unique gin from down under combines traditional gin botanicals with star anise, finger lime, pepper leaf & sea lettuce. £6.50

HENLEY GIN ORIENTAL SPICED 42% – Henley – Long pepper and cubeb combined with fiery ginger and a hint of lemon zest. £5.80


MERMAID GIN 42%– Isle of Wight – a smooth and complex infusion of lemon zest, peppery grains of paradise and local rock samphire creating a hint of sea air. £6.80

ROKU GIN 43% – Japan – gin combining both traditional & 6 uniquely Japaneese botanicals. £6.00


HENDRICKS 41.4%– Ayrshire – One of the first new-wave UK gins, infused with cucumber & rose petal. £5.60

CHASE PINK GRAPEFRUIT & POMELO 40% – Herefordshire – Zippy and zesty pink grapefruit gin still with a balance of juniper & lime. £6.00

HENLEY GIN RHUBARB AND ORANGE 42% – Henley – From a refreshing blend of tart rhubarb and fresh orange creating a lovely cloudy haze. £5.80

MERMAID PINK GIN 38% – Isle of Wright – Infused with island strawberries to create a fresh aromatic spirit. This gin is smooth yet complex, combing beautifully with this summer fruit. £6.80


Using a pioneering distillation process, combined with the intricate art of layering flavours, they create delicate essences with depth and flavour and naturally low in calories.

Indian Tonic | Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic | Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic | Blood Orange & Elderflower Tonic all £3.00


Happy Citrus seller Part 1 There is no man in the land Happier than the fellow in the citrus stand. He’s a citrus seller he sells oranges all day You may call it work, but he calls it play

Orange | Apple | Cranberry | Pineapple | Tomato all £3.50

vodka 25ml

Potatoes were the waiters, potatoes were the band, potatoes were the dancers, kicking up the sand” Vachel Lindsay


KALINSKA IMPERIAL 37,5% – England- Filtered through 13 meters of coal before it is bottled. This process results in a fantastically pure vodka with a soft, balanced palate. It is no surprise, then, that the name means “clearest & purest”. £4.00

BELVEDERE 40% – Poland- Belvedere, which means “beautiful to see” is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, which adorns every bottle as a reminder of the brand’s heritage. £6.00

MERMAID SALT VODKA 40% – UK- Isle of Wight Sea salt infused vodka post-distillation, sweet, smooth with a delicate sea salt back note – perfect for a Dirty Martini. £6.20


ABSOLUT CITRON 40% – Sweden- A smooth balanced vodka finished with a strong mix of citrus flavours. £4.50

CHASE AGED MARMALADE VODKA 40% – Hereford UK – Grown, distilled and bottled on the farm from King Edward, Lady Claire & Lady Rosetta Potatoes and Saville Orange Marmalade Perfect for a Breakfast Martini £6.50


BLACK COW 40% – UK- Vodka made from fermented whey, very creamy. £5.00

CHASE ORIGINAL POTATO VODKA 40% – UK- Award-winning British potato vodka, Made in Herefordshire by the Chase family. £6.00


Using a pioneering distillation process, combined with the intricate art of layering flavours, they create delicate essences with depth and flavour and naturally low in calories.

Indian Tonic | Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic | Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic | Blood Orange & Elderflower Tonic all £3.00


Happy Citrus seller Part 1 There is no man in the land Happier than the fellow in the citrus stand. He’s a citrus seller he sells oranges all day You may call it work, but he calls it play

Orange | Apple | Cranberry | Pineapple | Tomato all £3.50

rum 25ml

“Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision and sets things in true perspective.” Brian D’Ambrosio


WHITE BACARDI CARTA BLANCA 37.5% – Puerto Rico – Category bestriding colossus, the world’s most famous white rum. £4.00

DIPLOMATICO PLANAS 47% – Venezuela – A unique white rum which has a fresh tropical aroma with a delicate yet pronounced finish. £7.50


MOUNT GAY ECLIPSE 40% – Barbados Blend of pot- and column-still rum finished in deeply charred bourbon barrels for toasty spice. £4.50


SAILOR JERRY SPICED 40% – USA- Inspired by historical maritime rums named after the tattoo legend Sailor Jerry – sweet, spiced & swashbuckling. £4.50

DIPLOMATICO 40% – Venezuela – Refined and rich dark golden sipping rum – aged 12 years and made from sugar cane honey. £6.50

HAVANA CLUB 7 YEARS 40% – Cuba- A true bartender’s best friend and iconic bedfellow of ginger beer for a classic Dark ‘n’ Stormy. £5.00

PLANTATION ORIGINAL DARK 40% – Barbados – Rich, warm tones of authentic Caribbean spirit. £6.50


ALUNA COCONUT RUM 37.5% – Guatemala- A sublime blend of Caribbean white rum, toasted coconut and sustainably sourced coconut water make for a fresh tropical flavor. £4.00

DISCARDED BANANA PEEL 37.5% – Scotland – Used scotch whisky barrels maturation and banana peel extract combine with a classic Caribbean rum base – toffee fore front, fruity finish, truly complex. £6.00


Abelha Organic Cachaça is made with care – for the craft, for the cane, and for the community. Located in the heart of Bahia in northeast Brazil, the distillery uses traditional alambique (copper pot) stills to produce organic cachaça that is smooth and sippable.

ABELHA SILVER39% – Brazil – Rested for a more citrus finish. £4.50

Whisky/ Whiskeys 25ml

“It’s a well-known fact that some men were born two drinks below par.” Dr Maclaren, Whisky Galore!


RARE J&B 40% – Blended – Blend of 42 malt and grain whiskies from Justerini & Brooks – subtle and smooth Scotch. £4.00

MONKEY SHOULDER 40% – Blended – Vatting of three single malts from William Grant: Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie. £5.00


JAMESONS 40% – Irish Category-dominating blend from Midleton. £4.50

SEXTON 40% – Irish – smooth & flavourful Single Malt. Distilled in Copper Pot. £4.50


GLENTURRET 44% – Highlands – Aged in Bourbon barrels, candied orange peel, sweet vanilla, ginger cake, hints of Cinnamon. £12.00

OBAN 14YR 43% – West Highlands – An t-Oban meaning “Little Bay of Caves” £18.00

ABERFELDY 16YR 40% – Highlands – Mellowed for 16 years in handmade oak casks. £15.00


GLENKINICHIE 12YR 43% – Lowlands- Full and complex. £6.80


BALVENIE DOUBLE WOOD 12YR 40% – Speyside- The Balvenie Double Wood single malt whisky gains its distinctive character from being matured in two different wood types. Each stage lends different qualities of honey and vanilla. £6.50


BOWMORE 12YR 40% – Isle of Skye – 12yr Perfectly balanced single malt with overtones of peat smoke, vanilla and citrus. £6.40

TALISKER 10YR 45.8% – Isle of Skye 10yrs- A perennial favorite; medium-peated with a salty, coastal ruggedness. £6.80


JACK DANIELS 40% – Tennessee- The best-selling whiskey in the world. £4.50

WOODFORD RESERVE 43.2% – Bourbon- Well-known soft and drinkable bourbon £6.20

ELIJAY GRAIG 47% – Bourbon – Small batch Kentucky straight bourbon the first American whisky to be aged in charred oak barrels in 1789. £7.20


Nikka From The Barrel 51.4% – Japan- Superb cask-strength blend from Nikka – a cult hit among whisky connoisseurs. £9.50


LOT 4043% – Rye- A legendary Canadian rye whisky that is produced in a single copper pot still. £6.80

Apples & pears 25ml

“You, apple, are the object of my praise. I want to fill my mouth with your name.” Pablo Neruda

CALVADOS MORIN 40% – ‘Selection’ Fine and fruity aromas. Well balanced and fresh. £5.70

CALVADOS MORIN 42% – ‘XO’ Aged 20 years. Pure luxury with richness and complexity. £12.70

GORVELLO BRETAGNE HORS D’AGE 42% – Distilled from a dry cider and then matured for at least six years. £5.00

GORVELLO BRETAGNE TRADITION 40% – Gorvello Distillery only uses cider apples sourced from its 18 hectares of orchard. £6.00


Little Jack Horner – The story behind this rhyme is that “Jack” is Thomas Horner, a steward to the abbot of Glastonbury. The abbot sent Horner to London with a Christmas pie for King Henry VIII. The deeds to twelve manor houses were hidden in the pie. The abbot did this in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the king during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. On his trip, Horner put his fingers in the pie and pulled out the deed to Mells Manor and shortly after moved in– plum.


Dark golden with rich plum notes. £8.40

Cognac & Armagnac 25ml

Armagnac is the oldest eau-de-vie of France and is a distillation of the grapes in a wine making region, whereas Cognac is a neighbouring region that grows Ugni Blanc specifically for the purpose or as the great Gérard Basset put it Armagnac is to Cognac what The Rolling Stone’s is to The Beatles.

CHATEAU DE LAQUY ‘3ANS’ 40.5% – Aged for 3 years with creamy white fruit and vanilla notes. £8.20

CHATUAE DE LAQUY ‘VSOP’ 40.5% – Aged for 7 years making for a fresh spirit with orchard fruit flavours. £11.70

COGNAC COUPRIE ‘VSOP’ 40% – Aged for 4 years – fruity bouquet with finesse and subtlety. £8.00

COGNAC COUPRIE ‘XO’ 40% – Matured in Limosin oak barrels – rich, powerful, spicy overtones with a long finish. £14.40


According to the Romans, a very special dark brew of walnuts is what gave the Picts the ability to talk to goblins, elves and goddesses,

Was that the inspiration for Nocino?

LOUIS ROQUE LA VIEILLE NOIX 30% – Sweet, nutty and densely flavoured made from green walnuts. £8.40

tequila/ mezcals 25ml

Tequila is a type of Mezcal made from the pina of only Blue Agave, the moth larvae was a 50’s mistake that became marketing gold.

LA CHICA BLANCO 38% – Classic tequila, which is made from the blue agave juice distilled in the traditional way. £4.60

CAZCABEL COFFEE TEQUILA 34% – Blend of premium coffee and tequila. Blessed by the mythical Don Cazcabel ‘Snakeman’ of Jalisco Mountains. £5.00

CAZCABEL HONEY TEQUILA 34% – Blend of premium honey and tequila. £5.00

VIVIR BLANCO 40% – The smoothest Tequila you will ever drink. 100% de Agave. £8.00

1800 ANEJO 38% – Aged in new French & American oak barrels. £12.00

THE LOST EXPLORER MEZCAL 42% – A sweet and herbaceous expression, well-balanced with hints of sweet apple, ripe fruits and a mild smoky layer to finish. £6.50

on the taps

Say, for what were hop-yards MeantOr why was Burton built on Trent? Oh many a peer of English brews Livelier liquor than the Muse, And malt does more than Milton can

To Justify God’s way to man. Ale, man, ale’s the stuff to drink For fellows whom it hurts to think: Look into the pewter pot To see the world as the world’s not…Alfred Edward Houseman’s a Shropshire Lad


AMSTEL – 4.1% £3.10 £6.20

HEINEKEN – 5% £3.05 £6.10

BIRRA MORETTI – 4.8% £3.20 £6.40

GUINNESS – 4 .3% £3.15 £6.30

BRIXTON RELIANCE PALE ALE – 4.2% £3.30 £6.60

SHIPYARD PALE ALE – 4 .3% £3.40 £6.80

BEAVERTOWN NECK OIL – 4 .3% £3.30 £6.60

INCH’S CIDER – 4.5% £3.20 £6.40



MORETTI ZERO – 0.0% £4.50


ciders & Perries 750ml

Eric Bordelet, Normandie, France
One of the most famous cider producers in the world, making complex, elegant sparkling bottle-fermented vintage ciders from old apple and ancient pear trees.
2020 Sydre Brut, (5.5%) £26
2021 Poire Granit (4%) £54

Pomme ed Vin – Based on the Italian tradition of Cider made with the addition of grape skins
NV Perfect Strangers Sparkling Cider, Charlie Herring – Lymington, England (7.5%) £60
Tim Phillips works organically, this blend of 95% wild apples 5% Shiraz from South Africa.

Woodfine Rosé Lightly Sparkling, Seer Green, Bucks, England (6.5%) £58
Apples milled and macerated by hand and the juice co-fermented with Pinot and Chardonnay grape skins, made sparkling through a second fermentation in bottle.

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery, Herefordshire, England
James and Susanna Forbes, making an incredible range of ciders, perries, pet nats and ciderkins, from heritage apples, pears and other fruit.

NV Table Cider (6.8%) Sp £23
NV Table Perry (7%) Sp £23
2020 Tiny Dancer (7.7) Sp £37
2019 Glad To Be Plaid (7.8%) Sp £37
2020 On The Beech (7.3%) Sp £39
2021 To Boldly Go (7.6) “Perry ed Vin” Sp £39
2019 The Old Man & The Bee (7.1%) St £37
2019 Art Of Darkness (7.2%) St £34

Based on the Italian tradition Vin de Pom, Tim Phillips works organically, this blend of 95% apples 5% Shiraz from South Africa.

no n’ low

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder – or is it Absinthe?”


MORETTI ZERO 0.0% £4.50


PENTIRE 0.0% Cornwall

A blend of Sea Rosemary, Woodruff, Sea Buckthorn, Pink Grapefruit & Wild Seaweed. £4.00

A blend of juniper, ginger, habanero, orange and sage. Bold and refreshing. £4.00


LYRE’S 0.0%
Gently aged white rum. £4.00


COASTAL SPRITZ – Blood Orange, Sea Rosemary, Oakwood, Tonic £7.00

“MOJITO” 0.0 – Mint infused Lyre’s Rum, lime Juice, Sugar £7.00

” THE OARSMAN” VIRGIN MARY Spiced Tomato Juice £7.00

ARANCIATA MADRE – Sparkling Blood Orange £6.00

ZENZERO MADRE – Sparkling Ginger & Lime £6.00





Using a pioneering distillation process, combined with the intricate art of layering flavours, they create delicate essences with depth and flavour and naturally low in calories.

Tonic | Ginger Ale | Ginger Beer all £3.00



Freshly squeezed Nell Gwyn? We don’t have Moll, Nell or Rose to vend, utter or sell oranges to our audience, but feel free to pass any good message to our team backstage.

Orange | Tomato | Pineapple | Apple | Cranberry all £3.50

Mozzo coffee

100% Arabica from Brazil from DRC Co-Operative (Rebuilding Women’s Hope), washed & natural process medium roast.





original beans chocolate bars

Esmeraldas 42% Silky Rare Equador

Femmes de Virunga 55% Strong Rare Gongo DR

Piura 75% Bright Ultra Rare Peru


loose leaf jing teas

We chose Jing firstly because they make great tea, but also work very closely with tea growers, tea masters and have a sustainability priority, support biodiversity and the local environment. all £3.50

ASSAM BREAKFAST TEA Malty, Honey &, raisins, from India

EARL GREY Bergamot, Wild Honey & Malt from Sri Lanka

WHOLE CHAMOMILE Hay, Honey & Apple from Croatia

PEPPERMINT Chopped dried peppermint from Our Garden

The Oarsman Wine list

It might appear a bit bonkers, but that’s half the fun, there are over 300 wines, more than 200 grape varieties from forty plus countries, the quandary is, if we don’t list them, you can’t try them – so let’s be a bit bonkers.

All are farmed sustainably, most organically a good deal biodynamically and much with minimal intervention.

They’ve been grouped by style which we hope is helpful, and added notes on grape varieties where it’s not obvious.

The list by the glass will change every week and if there is something you’d like by the 500ml carafe (except the old and rare) we’ll open it – on a simple equation of 2/3rds the full list price.

So on the board you’ll see a new 250ml opportunity available. So look out for additional wines being opened live on the blackboards.

Porthos; Plundering the Cardinals wagon, “Champagne?”
Athos; “We’re in the middle of a chase, Porthos”
Porthos: “You’re right – something red.”

Prosecco Superiore, Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, Frassinelli, Italy 48
2020 Malvasia Rosa, Camillo Donati – Emilia-Romagna, Italy 55
Champagne Gallimard, Blanc de Noirs, à les Riceys, Cuvée Réserve, Brut, NV 84
NV Vouvray Brut, Domaine Champalou, Loire 85
Harrow and Hope Brut Reserve No 7, Marlow England NV 90
Champagne Veuve Fourny, 1er Cru, Blanc de Blanc, Extra Brut, Vertus, NV 100
Ancre Hill, Blanc de Noirs, Monmouth, Wales NV 115
Champagne Val Frison Goustan Brut Nature, Cote des Bars, NV 135
Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Rosé, Brut NV 216
Champagne Marie Courtin Indulgence, Cote des Bars, 2009 220 Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Blanc de Blancs, Brut Nature NV 237

C I D E R S, P E R R I E S & CIDERKINS 75oml

Eric Bordelet, Normandie, France
One of the most famous cider producers in the world, making complex, elegant sparkling bottle-fermented vintage ciders from old apple and ancient pear trees.
2020 Sydre Brut, (5.5%) 26
2021 Poire Granit (4%) 54
Pomme ed Vin – Based on the Italian tradition of Cider made with the addition of grape skins
NV Perfect Strangers Sparkling Cider, Charlie Herring – Lymington, England (7.5%) 60
Tim Phillips works organically, this blend of 95% wild apples 5% Shiraz from South Africa.

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery, Herefordshire, England
James and Susanna Forbes, making an incredible range of ciders, perries, pet nats and ciderkins, from heritage apples, pears and other fruit.

NV Table Cider (6.8%) 24
NV Table Perry (7%) 28
2019 Old Man & The Bee (7.1%) 35
2019 Glad to be Plaid (7.8%) 36
2021 Hard Rain Hot Pink (4.5%) 26
2019 Art of Darkness (7.2%) 35
2020 Tiny Dancer (7.7%) 38
2021 To Boldly Go (7.6%) 50
2020 Do It Puritan Quince (7%) 46


Crisp, Brisk & Refreshing

2021 Bergerie de la Bastide Blanc, IGP – France 25
2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Vignes d’Oc – France 35
2021 Gran Cedro Blanco, Northern Spain – Viura + 7 grapes 32
2021 Picpoul de Pinet, Château de la Mirande, Langoudoc, France 35
2021 Château Graville – Lacoste, Graves, Bordeaux, France – Semillion/ Sauvignon 42
2021 Di Gino, Fattoria San Lorenzo, Le Marche, Italy – Verdicchio 43
2021 Baby Bandito Keep on Punching ,Testalonga Wines – Swartland, South Africa 49
2021 Sancerre Blanc, Sylvain Bailly, Loire – Sauvignon 55
2021 O Rosal, Rías Baixas, Bodegas Terras Gauda, N-West Spain- Albarino, Caino 56
2021 Les Clous, Domaine St Nicolas – Loire- Chardonnay, Chenin 62
2019 Dundee Hills Pinot Gris, Sokol Blosser, Oregon USA 63
2019 La Levée VdF, Alexandre Bain – Loire – Sauvignon 75


Vibrant and pure, almost chalky-dry stony wines with tension and fine acidity that ricochets around your mouth.

2019 Montlouis Touche Mitaine, Le Rocher des Violettes, Touraine – Chenin 55
2019 Monte di Grazia Bianco, Campania – Pepella, Ginestra, Bianca Tenera 57
2021 Sénéchalière VDF Folle Blanche, Loire France 58
2020 Evidençia de Lapyeyre, Jurançon, SW France, Gros & Petit Manseng, Courbu 60
2020 Espere Gruner Veltliner, Matthias Warnung, Kamptal, Austria 74
2022 Testalonga El Bandito “Cortez”, Swartland, South Africa – Chenin 83
2021 Saumur Blanc L’Insolite, Thierry Germain, Loire – Chenin 83
2020 Chasselas C de Marrin, Les Vignes du Paradis, Savoie France 88
2020 Savennières Roche-aux-Moines, Domaine aux Moines – Loire, France 111
2019 VdF Les Ongles, Stéphane Bernaudeau, Anjou France – Chenin 123
2019 Racines Blanc, Les Cailloux du Paradis, Sologne, Touraine – 10 grape blend 123


Alsace/German varietals and blends, Pinot Gris, Malvasia, Muscat family. Different kinds of flowers on the nose from lime blossom to honeysuckle and varying in style from citrus Riesling to fleshy or tropical fruits.

2021 Riesling Handcrafted Arndorfer, Kamptal, Austria – Riesling 48
2022 Riesling, Trocken, Knauss, Württemberg, Germany 48
2021 Toru, Te Whare Ra, Marlborough, N Z – Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling 52
2017 Riesling 1763 Groebe, Rheinhessen Germany 61
2021 Pinot Gris Tradition, Domaine Albert Mann, Alsace France 63
2021 Mueller-Thurgau, Daniel & Bianka Schmitt – Rheinhessen -Germany 65
2014 Rudesheimer Berg Roseneck Riesling Grand Cru Allendorf Rheingau Germany 109
2016 Riesling Tausend Sterne dry Laibl, Baden – Germany 110
2015 Hohenmorgen Riesling Grand Cru Basssermann-Jordan, Pfalz 197

O2, Sherries & Flor

A section devoted to the great wines of sherry, some aged under the veil of yeast called “flor” (these are lighter and saltier) whereas others undergo a more oxidative ageing protocol (these are deeper and have a pronounced nutty quality as well as distinctive umami character). The lighter wines pair well with seafood and oily fish, whilst the more complex ones go excellently with offal, beef and mature hard cheeses. Palomino is the grape here.

Manzanilla Gabriela, Bodegas Barrero, Sanlucar — 375 ml 24
Amontillado Cruz de la Mar, Cesar Florido — 375 ml 43
2018 Las Cepas de Curro Blanco, Viños Oceanicos, Andalucia, 48
2021 UBE Miraflores, Bodegas Cota 45, Sanlucar 67
Fino La Panesa, Bodegas Emilio Hidalgo, Jerez 128
El Tresillo Amontillado Fino, Bodegas Emilio Hidalgo, Jerez 132
Marques de Rodil Palo Cortado, Jerez 166
NV Vecchio Samperi Marco de Bartoli – Sicily (sherry style dry Marsala) – Grillo 165
2010 Vin Jaune, Domaine Jean-François Ganevat, Jura – Savagnin 366

“Sea, Sand and Saline “

These wines that take their personality from their unique locations near the sea or ocean. Cool breezes off the water imbue these whites with a sensation of freshness and soft sea air impress them with a gentle saltiness. Usually light and crisp, they are delicious with shellfish.

2021 Côtes de Gascogne Marine, Domaine Menard – Colombard, Ugni, Gros Manseng 27
2021 El Pinto Palomino, Hacienda La Parrilla, Cadiz, Spain 35
2021 Muscadet “Garance”, Pierre Luneau-Papin – Loire, France 41
2021 Bohème, Dom de la Sénéchalière, Nantes France- Melon de Bourgogne 56
2019 Mercoledi Paestum Bianco Fiano, Vigneti Tardis, Campania-Italy 58
2019 Occhio di Terra Malvasia, Caravaglio, Salina Italy – Malvasia di Lipari 62
2021 SP 68, Arianna Occhipinti, Ragusa, Sicilia – Zibibbo, Albanella 66
2019 Vernaccia di San Gimignano Fiore, Montenidoli, Toscana -Italy 66
2020 La Mar, Bodegas Terras Gauda, Rias Baixas – North-West Spain – Caiño 74

“Garrigue, Maquis and Fynbos…”

Wines that hail from “the sun-baked, cicada-loud, ageless country of scrub and terraced hills… the archetypal Mediterranean landscape of rock & olive, wild thyme, vineyards, light”. This is the garrigue or maquis, and fynbos a scrubland of rock, forest and wild herbs, one that inflects the wines with their unique aromas and flavours.

2021 Château Saint-Cyrgues – Rhône France, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc 31
2021 Corbières Blanc, Lo P’tit Fantet, Ollieux-Romanis –France -Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Gris 36
2021 Château La Negly, Brise Marine, Languedoc, -France Bourboulanc, Roussanne, Clairette 44
2019 Montsant Comunica La Pua Blanco, Celler Comunica – Catalonia Spain,Garnacha (3 types) 52
2020 Cave Vinum Blanc, Mas de Libian, Rhône – Viognier, Roussanne, Clairette 58
2021 Côtes-du-Rhône “Vie on Y Est Viognier”, Domaine Gramenon, Rhône France 75
2021 Côtes Catalanes Vieilles Vignes « Llum », Roc des Anges, Roussillon, France 80
2021 Chenin Blanc, Luddite – Bot River, South Africa 91
2021 Carco Vermentino Patrimonio, Domaine Antoine Arena, Corsica, France 100
2020 Condrieu La Berne, Faury, Rhône France – Viognier 104
2014 Dolia, Domaine Hauvette, Baux, Provence – Clairette, Roussanne, Marsanne 140

White Burgundy – of course!

A mosaic of diverse terroirs mapped by monks many centuries ago, where vines are parcelled by village, by location of vineyard, by soil type and aspect on a slope. This is where Chardonnay finds its greatest expression and unveils its diversity.

2020 Saint-Veran, La Croix Senaillet 56
2021 Chablis, Domaine Gerard Tremblay 57
2020 Bourgogne-Aligoté, Ballot-Millot 57
2020 Mâcon-Loché, Cuvée des Clochers, Céline & Didier Tripoz 58
2020 Bourgogne, Terroir Noble, Vincent Girardin 61
2019 Macon-Cruzille Au Quin de Chateau, Clos des Vignes du Maynes 95
2020 Maranges Blanc, Fiona Leroy 107
2020 Pouilly-Fuissé, Les Crays, Eric Forest 109
2019 Marsannay Blanc au Larrey, Domaine Ballorin 126
2020 Meursault “Cuvée Charles Maxime” Latour-Giraud 144
2019 St Aubin Blanc, Domaine Patrick Miolane 157
2018 Chassagne-Montrachet ‘1er Cru Vide Bourse’ F&L Pillot 161
2018 Chablis 1er cru Mont de Milieu, Alice & Olivier de Moor 161
2020 Puligny-Montrachet, Vieille Vignes, Vincent Girardin 190 6

Around the World in a Dozen Chardonnays

As with Burgundy, chameleon Chardonnay is adept at capturing a sense of the place of origin as well as the nature of the vintage. These wines express its many faces.

2021 Les (h)Autres Terres, Les Hautes Terres, Languedoc, France 46
2020 Chardonnay Sous Voile, Marie-Pierre Chevassu, Jura, France 66
2021 1701 Surnat, Sebino, Franciacorta, Lombardia, Italy 69
2018 The Don “Barn Block”, Nelson, New Zealand 90
2019 Pollock’s, Les Bottes Rouges, Arbois, France 97
2018 Hilt Estate Chardonnay – California 146
2021 Durant Vineyard, Kelley Fox – Oregon, USA 124
2019 Red Shoulder Ranch, Shafer, Napa Valley, Carneros, USA 131
2018 Yarra Yering Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, Australia 153
2019 Ceritas Trout Gulch Vineyard, Sonoma, California, USA 193
2017 Les Resistants, JF Ganevat, Cotes du Jura, France 222
2018 Monte Bello Vineyards, Ridge Winery, California, USA 243


Native grapes & blends – here we have the indigenous grapes, historically closely associated with a particular region and its wine culture. Exciting, unusual flavours.

2019 Lyrarakis Vilana, Viola Vineyard, Crete 41
2019 Tokaji Dry Furmint, Hetszolo, Hungary – Furmint 44
2019 Miranius, Celler Credo, Penedes – Xarel.lo 45
2021 Grillo Vigna Verde, Marco de Bartoli – Sicillia – Grillo 53
2020 Jakot Blue Label, Nando – Goriska Brda, Slovenia – Friulano 59
2021 Soave Vigne delle Bra, AA Filippi, Veneto – Garganega 65
2021 Kamara Shadow Play, Assyrtiko, Thessaloniki, Greece 65
2208 Bela, Posestvo Burja, Vipava Valley, Slovenia – Laski Rizling, Malvazija, Rebula 70
2018 Vale da Capucha Gouveio, Lisbon, Portugal – Godello 72
2020 Manzoni Bianco, AA Foradori, Trentino – Manzoni (Pinot Bianco/Riesling cross) 75
2018 Savagnin, Les Terrasses, Domaine de La Renardière, Jura 78
2017 Iphoefer Kronsberg Scheurebe Old Vines dry Wirsching (Franken) 86
2016 Château Musar Blanc, Beka’a Valley, Lebanon – Obadiah, Merweh 100
2008 Il San Lorenzo Bianco, San Lorenzo – Marche – Verdicchio aged 12 years 193
2017 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Valentini, Abruzzo – “historic Trebbiano” 444

“The Amber Revolution”

Otherwise known as skin contact and also “orange wine”. Put simply, these are wines made from white grape varieties, but macerated on their skins like reds. They have colour (from gold to pink, bronze and amber) and complex layers with lots of texture and even tannins. The most versatile of all food wines.

2021 Weissburgunder, Judith Beck, Burgenland, Austria – Pinot Blanc 45
2020 Dinavolino Bianco, AA Denavolo – Emilia-Romagna-Italy – Malvasia, Ortrugo, Marsanne 62
2021 Rami Bianco, COS, Ragusa, Sicilia – Grecanico, Inzolia 66
2020 El Otro Lado Torrontes, Pol Opuesto Wines – Argentina 68
2021 A Fleur de Peau Muscat, Clos du Gravillas. Languedoc, France 69
2020 Zold, Bianka & Daniel Schmitt, Rheinhessen, Germany – Silvaner 74
NV Si Rose, Christian Binner, Alsace – Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris 76
NV La Maceration du Soula, Roussillon No 21 – Vermentino, Macabeu 85
2020 Three Views of a Secret Blanc, Patrice Beguet – Riesling, Gewurz, Muscat 97
2017 Beckham Pinot Gris, Oregon, USA 97
2013 Rebula, Valter & Klemen Mlecnik, Slovenia- Ribolla Gialla 112
2015 Trebez, Dario Princic, Friuli – Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio 122
2018 Vitovska Kamen, Benjamin Zidarich, Carso, Friuli – Vitovska 129

Oh, by the way, which one’s pink? (Have a Cigar – Pink Floyd)

2021 Gran Cerdo Rosado, Spain, Tempranillo, Garnacha 30
2020 Volubilia Gris, Domaine de la Zouina – Meknès, Morocco, Marselan & Caladoc 35
2021 Cuvée Tour Companets, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, France Syrah Granache 40
2020 Vipava Roza Pinot Gris, Burja – Slovenia 50
2022 AIX, Coteaux D’aix En Provence, France 55
2020 Bandol Rosé, Château de Pibarnon, Provence, France- Mourvèdre, Cinsault 91
2022 AIX Magnum, Coteaux D’aix En Provence, France 110




Fruity, juicy, gluggable – red wines for thirst. Direct, instant, appealing, packed with juicy fruit.

2021 Tule Rosso, IGT Sicilia, Italy- Nero d’Avola 27
2021 Rosso Piceno Bacchus, Ciu Ciu, Marche, Italy – Montepulciano, Sangiovese 31
2021 Rioja Tinto, Vina Ilusion, Spain – Garnacha 35
2020 Clos St Jean, Côtes Roannaise France – Gamay 41
2021 Beck Ink, Judith Beck, Burgenland, Austria – Zweigelt, St Laurent 42
2021 Fleurie, Domaine de la Madone France- Gamay 45
2020 Anjou Rouge, Enlevement Demande, Nicolas Reau, Loire France- Cab Franc 47
2021 L’Enjouée, Domaine Ogereau, Anjou – Grolleau, Pineau d’Aunis, Cab Franc 49
2021 Beaujolais, Château Cambon, France- Gamay 54
2020 Masieri Rosso, La Biancara, Veneto Italy- Merlot, Cab Franc, Tocai Rosso 54
2018 Syrah VdF, Domaine des Miquettes – Rhône France – Syrah 63
2021 Brouilly Vieilles Vignes, JC Lapalu -Beaujolais, France – Gamay 71


The blood of the soil, as they say in France – red wines that possess a linear quality, are fresher in style, and have a certain salty quality on the finish, reminding one of rocks, stones and metal.

2021 Chinon “Cuisine de Ma Mere”, Grosbois Loire, France- Cabernet Franc 45
2018 Marcillac Lairis, Jean-Luc Matha, SW France – Mansois- aka Fer Servadou 49
2018 Ciro Rosso Classico Superiore, Cataldo Calabretta – Calabria, Italy – Gaglioppo 52
2019 Cot (Malbec) Vieilles Vignes, Rocher des Violettes – Loire, France 55
2021 Syrah, Intellego Wines, Swartland, South Africa 55
2017 Mala Hierba Bonarda, Pol Opuesto, Argentina – Bonarda 55
2019 Las Curvas Cinsault, Vinateros Bravos – Itata, Chile 65
2018 Zweigelt vom Opok, Sepp Muster, Styria, Austria 78
2020 Finca Meixeman Tinto, Adegas Guimaro – NW Spain – Mencia + 5 grapes 79
2018 Barbaresco “Roccalini”, Cascina Roccalini, Piemonte, Italy- Nebbiolo 108
2021 Racines Rouge, Claude & Etienne Courtois, Touraine, France – (30 + varieties) 101
2021 St Joseph “Clos Cessieux”, Herve Souhaut Rhône, France – Syrah 130


Big, bold wines – Shiraz, Grenache, big Malbec, Zin & similar – full-bodied and full-flavoured with dark fruit aromatics (think black cherries, plums, & confit fruit). Perfect with grilled meat dishes.

2021 Gran Cerdo Tinto – North-East Spain – Tempranillo 30
2020 Aguijón de Abeja, Obrera, Patagonia Argentina Malbec 36
2021 Montsant Vi del Mas, Celler Comunica, Spain–Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Peluda, Syrah 40
2021 Primitivo Gioia del Colle, Fatalone – Puglia, Italy – Primitivo 53
2021 Langhe Nebbiolo, Ferdinando Principiano, Piedmont, Italy 56
2021 Côtes du Rhône La Sagesse, Domaine Gramenon France – Grenache Noir 83
2016 Mas del Habanero, Hodgkinson, Priorat, Spain- Garnacha, Carinena 86
2004 Rioja Gran Reserva Especial, Bodegas Urbina, Spain – Tempanillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo 87
2017 Jauma Lilies Grenache, McLaren Vale, Australia 95
2020 Bandol Rouge, Domaine Tour du Bon, Provence France – Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault 97
2015 Barolo “Badarina” Serralunga, Michael Reverdito, Piemonte Italy – Nebbiolo 104
2017 Luddite Shiraz – Bot River, South Africa 135
2019 Cornas Chaillot, Domaine Balthazar – Rhône France – Syrah 136
2014 Sangiovese La Chiave, Castagna – Beechworth, Australia 173
2012 Amarone La Stropa, Monte dall Ora, Veneto, Italy – Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella 261
2013 Barolo Riserva Bricco Boschis, AA Cavallotto, Piemonte, Italy- Nebbiolo 398

Mountains and Volcanoes

The terroir and soils influenced by the proximity of mountain ranges. Vines grown on volcanic sand or basaltic soils have a wonderful smoky quality.

2021 Moristel Joven, Bodegas Pirineos, Somontano, Spain – Moristel 32
2019 Crianza, Bodegas Fuentenarro, Ribero del Duoro, Spain – Tempranillo 46
2021 Tradicion Listan Negro, Bodega Tajinaste – Islas Canarias, Tenerife- Listan Negro 46
2019 Valdecastrillo Tinto, Alfredo Maestro, Old Castile Ribero del Duoro, Spain – Tempranillo 49
2020 Aleatico Rosso Arcaico, Andrea Occhipinti – Lazio, Italy Aleatico 56
2019 Irouléguy Rouge, Domaine Arretxea, Pyrenees, France- Tannat, Cab Sauvignon 65
2021 La Bruja da Rozas, Comando G, Sierra de Gredos, Madrid, Spain – Garnacha 71
2007 Valtellina Superiore Sasella, Balgera, Lombardia, Italy – Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo) 76

Mediterranean/ Garrigue/ Rocks ‘n’ Wild Herbs

The family of wines from vines that nestle in the clearings in the garrigue forests. Wines that speak of the warmth of the soils in which they plunge their roots, that are redolent of wild herbs such as thyme, rosemary, lavender and bay.

2020 Kotsifali, Lyrarakis, Crete – Kotsifali 30
2021 Petite Syrah, Mas Montel, Pays du Gard, France 30
2021 Est-ce que? Vaucluse, Domaine Burle, Grenache, Syrah, Caladoc, Marsalan, Rhône 34
2021 Syrah “Les Vignes d’a Cote”, Yves Cuilleron Rhône France 39
2019 Massaya Le Colombier Rouge, Lebanon – Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Tempranillo 41
2019 Rasteau-Villages Cuvée Prestige, Domaine de la Soumade, Rhône France – Grenache + 54
2019 Faugères Rouge, Clos Fantine France Mourvèdre, Carignan, Grenache, Syrah 58
2019 Martedi Paestum Rosso, Vigneti Tardis, Campania Italy- Aglianico 58
2020 Saint-Joseph “Les Ribaudes”, Lionel Faury, Rhône, France – Syrah 63
2014 Le Soula Rouge, Roussillon, France- Carignan, Syrah, Grenache 83
2013 Morta Maio, Antoine Arena, Vin de Corse – Niellucciu 100
2019 Mas de Daumas Gassac Rouge, IGP de l’Hérault, Languedoc, France- Cab Sauv + 12 grapes 140
2019 Cornas La Geynale, Vincent Paris, Rhône France- Syrah 140
2020 Hermitage Rouge, Dard & Ribo Rhône, France – Syrah 232

Classy & Classic Burgundy

“It {Pinot Noir} can only grow in these really specific, little, tucked away corners of the world. And, and only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really. Only somebody who really takes the time… to understand Pinot’s potential… can then coax it into its fullest expression.”- Sideways – Part 1

2021 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Domaine Perrin 64
2019 Bourgogne Rouge, Corps de Garde, Domaine Goisot 65
2019 Rully Rouge ‘Les Chaponnières’ Paul Jacqueson 66
2019 Mâcon Rouge, Julien Guillot 82
2020 Marsannay “Les Finottes”, Domaine Bart 86
2020 Hautes Côtes de Nuits, Fontaine St. Martin, Michel Gros 86
2020 Saint-Romain, Alain Gras 97
2018 Volnay, Fernand et Laurent Pillot 102
2019 Pommard ‘Tavannes’ Laurent Pillot 103
2019 Moulin-à-Vent, Yvon Metras, Beaujolais, France – Gamay (I do belong) 123
2020 Gevrey-Chambertin “En Champs”, Domaine Livera 154
2017 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Chatelots, Domaine Sigaut 175
2017 Vosne-Romanée Michel Gros, Côtes de Nuits 175
2019 Trousseau Plein Sud, Domaine JF Ganevat Jura, France- Trousseau (and me) 191
2018 Corton ‘Grand Cru Grandes Lolières’ Gilbert Felettig Burgundy, France– Pinot Noir 291

Around the World in 11 Pinots

“Then, I mean, oh its flavours, they’re just the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and… ancient on the planet.” – Sideways quote – Part 2!

2020 Le Petit Clos Pinot Noir – Marlborough, New Zealand 51
2019 The Don Nelson Pinot Noir, Alex Craighead, Nelson, New Zealand 68
2019 Nero de Sort Pinot Noir, Celler Batlliu – Catalonia, Spain 69
2021 Village Pinot Noir, Gentle Folk – Adelaide Hills, Australia 74
2017 Spätburgunder, Arzheimer am Fürstenweg, Kranz, Pfalz Germany 84
2020 Pinot Noir La Pepee, Les Bottes Rouges – Arbois, Jura, France 103
2019 Kelley Fox Hyland Vineyard Pinot Noir, Oregon, USA 117
2018 Hilt Estate Pinot Noir – California 145
2017 Burkheimer Feuerberg Spätburgunder Grand Cru Bercher, Baden, Germany 155
2015 Orchard Block Pinot Noir, Sokol Blosser – Oregon, USA 164

Native Varieties & Field Blends

The local red grapes that seem so well suited to their place of origin. A field blend is vineyard comprising different grape varieties that are harvested together and fermented together – which is a very traditional method of winemaking.
2020 Cereza “Cara Sucia”, Durigutti, Patagonia, Argentina – Cereza 32
2020 Chianti Classico “Retromarcia” Monte Bernardi, Toscana, Italy- Sangiovese 52
2020 Cesanese Superiore “Silene”, Damiano Ciolli – Lazio, Italy 50
2021 Ta-Dah! Cantina Iuli – Piemonte, Italy – Slarina, Barratuciat, Pinot Nero, Grignolino 63
2020 Crno Vino, Piquentum, Istria, Croatia – Teran 65
2019 Okro Saperavi Classic, Kakheti, Georgia – Saperavi 65
2016 Appenheimer Früburgunder, Bischel, Rheinhessen, Germany Pinot Madelaine 81
2019 Las Cepas de Jose Carlos Esencia Tinto, Vinos Oceanicos, Jerez, Spain -Melonera Tinta, Tintilla, Palomino 86
2018 Frappato, Arianna Occhipinti, Sicilia – Frappato 113

Cabernet and Friends

Namely Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdo, Cab Sauvignon – aka the Bordeaux (and Loire, in the case of Cab Franc) bunch, sometimes in varietal form, sometimes blended with each other. Usually elegant reds with fine structure and friendly with meat dishes.

2019 Château Le Bedat, Bordeaux Supérieur, France 32
2017 Château Noaillac, Cru Bourgeois, Médoc France 43
2021 Saumur-Champigny, Château de Villeneuve, Thierry Germain, Loire, France 53
2014 Bourgueil Les Galichets, Domaine de la Chevalerie Loire, France- Cabernet Franc 54
2015 Bourgueil Bretèche, Domaine de la Chevalerie, Loire, France 60
2016 Vin de France, Autrement de Lamery, Bordeaux, France 67
2016 Château Andron Blanquet, Cru Bourgeois, St Estèphe, France 75
2011 Cavas de Weinert – Mendoza, Argentina – Malbec, Cab Sauv, Merlot 89
2017 Pauillac de Lynch-Bages, JM Cazes, Bordeaux, France 94
2016 Dulac de Branaire-Ducru, St.Julien, Bordeaux, France 100
2014 Château Trianon, Saint Émilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France 101
2015 Halcyon Cabernet, Si Vintners, Margaret River, Australia 122
2002 Chinon Les Picasses, Domaine Breton, Loire, France -Cabernet Franc 139
2015 Château Gombaude Guillot, Pomerol, Bordeaux, France 183


2019 Monbazillac, Jour de Fruit, Domaine l’Ancienne Cure – 375 ml – Semillon, Muscadelle 30
2018 La Magendia de Lapeyre, Clos Lapeyre, Jurançon – 375 ml – Petit Manseng 42
2021 Maury, Domaine Pouderoux, Roussillion, France – 500 ml – Grenache Noir 46
2021 Moscato d’Asti, Vittoria Bera, Piemonte – Muscat Canelli 49
2016 Chateau Filhot, 2me cru, Sauternes – 375 ml – Sauvignon, Semillon 61
2017 Marsala Vigna Miccia Oro, Marco de Bartoli, Sicily – 500 ml – Grillo 91
2015 Riesling Marienglas, Beerenauslese, Aldinger Württemberg, Germany -375 ml 127


Capreolus Micro-distillery, Cirencester

Barney Wilczak makes some of the purest and most thrilling eaux de vie from locally sourced fruit that you will taste from anywhere in the world. They are the essence of the distillation, every piece of fruit hand sorted, and then distilled in a copper still without any additives.

1000 Trees, Apple Eau de Vie 43% (100ml) £12

Maison Cazottes, Tarn, France
Laurent Cazotte expresses the very essence of fruit and blossom he harvests from his organically farmed land, all completely manually. The wild quince picked from hedgerows when yellow, chopped and macerated in quince marc.
72 different variety of tomatoes are grown, hand-picked and chopped, are then macerated in his organic brandy over time, where the magic happens makes an interesting aperitif.

Coings Sauvage 18% £12
(72) Liqueur de Tomates 18% £12


To honour the age-old tradition of ‘The Great British Pub’, The Oarsman will invite chefs from celebrated, award-winning pubs across the UK to collaborate and create limited-edition menus!

Second in the line-up after Simon Bonwick last month, isBen Tish, now Chef Director of the London-based pub and hotel group, Cubitt House. On Tuesday 28thMarch, ahead of the Chef’s presence at Pub In The Park this May, Ben will join Scott to create a one-off menu guided by the sunshine and bounty of the Mediterranean, whilst using the best produce the local area has to offer

Coming up next:
Henry Harris, Bouchon Racine
Monday 24th Of April

More Chefs and dates to be announced soon!

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