10 Celebrities Who Said They Sold Their Souls To Satan (2023)

Imagine it is true for just one second. The fact that you could ACTUALLY sell your soul to Satan for a human lifetime of success and riches. Do you think more people would do it if they knew it would work? The fact is, yes, I do think more people would sell their souls to the Devil if they thought something would come from it. America is full of people who think life owes them something. People who somehow think there is some easy way to get rich or successful. Guess what? I am pretty sure there isn’t. But even then, it makes me laugh that some people would be willing to take the risk. So you would potentially give your soul an eternity of torment for a good life here on Earth? Regardless of your religious disposition, once you look at this list, and see how many well-known celebrities have said they “sold their soul to the Devil”, it makes you wonder what their religious disposition is and why they openly support evil. Hollywood displays symbolism of devil worship, and Illuminati control, so it’s no surprise celebrities slip up and admit it here and there. Like I said at the beginning, if you knew it would work, would you do it? Well, in all honesty, it does kind of seem like it worked for most of these people. So far, anyways. Here are ten celebrities who say they sold their soul to the Devil. Please note, this probably won’t work as well for you, so don’t try this at home, kids.

Robert Johnson

You need to start the list with the most memorable and well-documented cases of someone selling their soul to the Devil in all of pop culture. The great American blues musician who claims he went to the crossroads and sold his soul to Satan so he could be one of the best blues guitarists in history. What is even weirder is the people who claim they saw him play guitar before this, and the people who saw him play guitar after he claims this happened. Witnesses say it was like hearing and seeing a different guitarist. There is nothing anyone could play that Robert couldn’t play after having heard once. The artist himself did little to dispel the rumors, even recording songs about that very fact.

Of course, the weird way he died cannot help but cause people to think maybe the contract was true. Also, he STARTED the 27 club of famous musicians who randomly died at 27 years old. Did he sell his soul? Truth is, only he knows, now.

Bob Dylan

Who would have thought this great folk music pioneer would say something so intense? The reality is, I would not have believed this entry myself if I didn’t see him make the confession on national TV. Also note, when you watch that clip, note how delicately he dances around actually saying it outright. He sort of talks in code at first, like we just KNOW selling your soul to the Devil is an actual thing.

It also makes sense as to why he looks and sounds like a reanimated corpse now.



You know, this one makes sense. How else can you explain a white man going up in the hip hop game and being one of the greatest MC’s of all time? There has to be something somewhat supernatural going on there, right? Plus, you hear a song like Rap God and it makes you realize, not only is he claiming false worship by calling himself a God, he also is rapping at the f*cking speed of light. Pretty sure us normal mortals cannot do that without having our voice box burst into flames.

Also, it should be noted, Eminem loves controversy, so for him to say something that would muster some is actually not that shocking. This is the dude who has a song where him and his (then) baby daughter bury her Mom who (in the song) Eminem just killed. Pretty dark stuff, which I think is standard when dealing with El Diablo.

And now, presenting the Eminem show. Starring: Eminem, and Satan.

Rosanne Barr

See, you kids thought I was only doing rock stars, but that would be too easy. The reality is, it is not just rock stars. The idea here is to attain riches and celebrity status, by any means necessary. Take, for instance,the footage of Rosanne Barrsaying she sold her soul to the Devil when she was twelve years old. Jesus, the dude is mad shady. He even makes deals with children. Please note the audience’s awkward laughter, but really, nothing indicates she is kidding at all here. It is actually a sad and daunting story, but people laugh because, often, when faced with things like this, we don’t know how to react. We sometimes laugh when something scares us or is too big for us to understand, and I think that is the case here.

Also, please note, Rosanne has the whole “molested, turned into a sex slave, and has multiple personalities” thing going on, which we will delve deeper into in a future article. The selling of souls in Hollywood and the screwing of children go hand in hand, sadly. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.


Ah, back to music. The one place Satan REALLY seems at home. We all know Rihanna has had a very dark and tumultuous ride to fame. She grew up in Barbados, and had a choice between graduating from high school or pursuing a career in music. Fast forward and now she’s one of the biggest stars in the music industry. Is it me, or are you seeing a pattern here as well? Rihanna not only has songs that seem to embrace her dark side, but she has made no attempt to hide or mask it, unlike other people on the list. We all may listen and look on, thinking she is just doing all this for a reaction, but look deeper. Who signed her? Aw, Jay-Z. Of course. Not only a fellow soul seller (he will be further up the list because he is much more prolific in his Satan worship), but a man who is maybe the most powerful person in all of music right now. Is that a coincidence? No, frankly, it is not.

(Video) Celebs Who Sold Their Souls For A Paycheck

But back to Rihanna. It could also be said that if you look at her magazine spreads and covers, Rihanna is often doing very dark and macabre photo shoots. One theme has her as Medusa, which we have seen many times. Rarely do you see her walking a puppy or smiling. More often than not you see her covering one eye and making devil horns with her hand. In her interview with Angie Martinez, she was asked why her hand was covering her eye on the album cover. Her answer: Because I am a devil worshipper what are you talking about. She tried to soften that by unconvincingly saying she’s just kidding, before they both quickly change the subject to the usual sex and drinking. The interview ends with Angie saying “you are so not kidding by the way”…

Speaking of the big guys…


How much longer could I go on in this article and not talk about the main man right now? Jay-Z has made no attempts to hide his Devil worship, and has even gone so far as to make it an active part of his clothing line. I mean, come on. To quote the tagline of the Satanist Aliester Crowley: Do what thou wilt, is just brazen. This is not a dude who is just alluding to the fact that he may have gone to the dark side for GREAT power and wealth. This is a dude who claims he sold his soul, and we can all see the results. Think about it, a Brooklyn born rapper is a household name in 2014. Think about the insane unlikelihood of that? Yet, here we are, and Jay-Z is integrated into every aspect of money and wealth in the world right now. He evendoes shit with his wife that would get any of the rest of us in SERIOUS trouble,yet dude doesn’t catch any heat. How is that? Well, me thinks Jay-Z not only sold his soul, but now works at recruiting others. I mean, look at the evidence.

First off, you have his wife. Note she adopted the dark and creepy Sasha Fierce character AFTER having been locked down by Jay. Seemed like a nice, young girl, and suddenly, you have this:

I know we can all laugh and scoff (note the trend on the list. It is what we do when we are scared) but how can you NOT see the results? Another one who went from slightly popular to household name, pretty much overnight.

Oh but we’re not done, how could we be done so soon? We forgot to show you the song where, honestly, the lyrics say it all:

(Video) Musicians Who May Have Sold Their Souls For A Paycheck

On top of that, you have the next entry on the list, who would not be on the list were it not for Jay-Z…

Kanye West

I will say, right off the jump, he is the one on the list who seems the most embattled with the the cost of what may come with selling your soul. Kanye is an extremely talented celebrity who has made no attempt to hide the fact that, with his lifestyle, comes evil. Where does he say sold his soul to the devil? Here:

Surprised? Oh it gets better… the list keeps going… keep reading.

Lady Gaga

Again, when mentioning Lady Gaga, we approach it with a grain of salt, because we know how much she thrives on attention of any kind. But with that disclaimer aside, look at all the photos with her doing Satanic hand gestures and standing with iconic, evil imagery. Maybe when she doesstuff like this,she is doing it for attention. But, as expected, Lady Gaga is not saying “I’m just joking”, and makes no attempt to even say downplay it. Much like the Rihanna interview, Jimmy Kimmel ignores it quickly as well (Is there a kitchen? She just swore to Lucifer, the first question you ask is “is there a kitchen”?). Instead, she just makes public declarations of her love for the Devil, and then goes about making her millions and millions of dollars.

(Video) L.A. Reid Recalls Haunting Conversation With Prince: He Said 'The Elevator Is The Devil'

But, there is a rub. You see, with pop stars and celebrities, the problem is, young people idolize them. Young people look up to what they do and try to emulate it. The problem now is that you may have young kids selling their souls to Satan without knowing the potentially serious implications of that. It may seem awesome to be rich in this life, but to be potentially sodomized for eternity by the Devil’s spork shaped penis would be pretty awful. There is no amount of money that would make that seem alluring.

Snoop Dog

Well, I knew Satan worship was big in the music business, but I didn’t think it was as prolific in rap music and hip hop as it actually is. Not only does Snoop Dog say he sold his soul, but he writes whole songs and bases whole albums around the concept. It should also be noted that it could be said Snoop’s dealings with Satan may have helped him when it came to his dealings with the law. Dude was nabbed for a shooting, and then just kind of let go. Yeah, shit like that doesn’t happen to normal people.

On the plus side, he smokes a lot of weed, and we can’t even hate on that.
*Hits vaporizer

Katy Perry

In a case that could very much be its own article (and maybe will be soon), we have Katy Perry. The best way to sum this up is, daughter of a Evangalist Mom and Pops, who WAS recording Christian music until she realized there was no money and fame in that. Then, she records a song about making out with other chicks. Bam, flash forward to her Mom writing articles now, offering up advice on how to “Save your Prodigal”. Yes,this happened.

So how did Perry respond to her Mom’s passive aggressive attack? By going full Satan at the Grammys earlier this year. Check and mate, Satan wins again. Forgone conclusion as usual.


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